Admission – from an Austrian Primary School

Visit us for the day from the 18th November – Please register by telephone:

0732 – 254867 -22


Applications in person can be made between the
24th of February and the 27th of February 2020 between 8am and 2pm and 28th February between 8am and 12pm at the school secretary’s office on the ground floor.

Language Creativity Check

Friday 28th February at 2PM on the 3rd floor (Teilungsräume) . With the creativity check we have the opportunity to assess the linguistic creativity of your child. The result of the creativity check has an influence on the decision whether to accept the pupil.


Interview: (Monday, March 2nd and Tuesday, March 3rd) You will be given the appointment for interview when you make your personal application.

Required Documents:

  • Print out of the application confirmation online or a copy of the 1st year application form.
  • End of school year report from the third year of primary school (Original and a copy)
  • Semester reportcard from the fourth year of primary school (Original and a copy)

Application fee € 2,00

The admission will be confirmed with a stamp, date and signature on the end of school report. If the application is rejected for any reason, we will inform you by a telephone call so that you have an opportunity to seek a place in another school in time. A list of admitted students will be published online on the main website of the Europagymnasium ( by latest March 20th.


Admission Documents for primary school children: