FAQs | Linz International School Auhof (LISA)



Detailed information can be found in the welcome pack for new parents download here. 

What opportunities are there to eat & drink during the school day?

There is a short break between 10:30 and 10:45 and there is a 5-minute break between the lessons. There is no lunch provided by the school itself. Students registered for afternoon supervision (Nachmittagsbetreuung) will get warm food.

  • Students should bring along their own food and drinks.
  • Students can buy something at the counter on the main level of the school building (long lines during break time!)
  • During school time, students are not allowed to leave the school premises to buy food. If students do not bring their own food, then they can also buy snacks in the coffee shop across the road (“Kandur”) or at the supermarket (“Winkler Markt”) outside of the school time.

What is a typical school day at the LISA ?

  1. Students arrive at school between 7:35 and 7:50 in the morning. They arrive either by public transportation or the parents bring them to school.
  2. Students first go to their lockers in the basement to pun on their house shoes and where they leave their street shoes and jackets. Do not leave valuables in the locker!
  3. Students walk to the classroom of their first lesson (check time table for the correct room!).
  4. Classes start at 7:50 in the morning and last for 50 min. each. There is a 5 minute break between the classes and a 15 minute break between lessons 3 and 4 (10:30-10:45).
  5. Students who do not have afternoon lessons, can go home after the last class (usually at 13:25)
  6. Students who take German as a foreign language have this class in lesson 7 (13:30-14:20) from Mondays-Thursdays. These students can go home after 14:20, if this is their last lesson.

How can my child(ren) get to and from school?

It is the responsibility of the parents to show their children on how to use the public transportation system if they do not pick them up or bring them to school by car.

How are lessons substituted? 

Sometimes a teacher is ill or absent for other reasons. In this case, another teacher will substitute and teach the lesson. In some cases classes are canceled and this will be made known at least one day in advance. This information will be posted every day in the morning for this day. The homeroom teacher shows the students how to read this table.

What if my child gets ill and/or can’t attend school ?

Illness during the school day: The teacher sends the student to the school doctor on the 3rd floor. If the doctor decides that the student can not continue with the lessons, then the student must tell the teacher that he/she has to leave the class. The student then has to wait at the secretary’s office until he/she is picked up by a guardian. The secretary will attempt to contact the parent. The student will not be permitted to go home alone. In severe cases, the ambulance will be contacted.

Illness at home: If a student can not come to school for 1-2 days due to an illness, then it is not necessary to call the school. The parents, however, must fill out and sign the green absence sheet. Please do contact the homeroom teacher (email or phone) if it is forseeable that the student is ill for a longer time (fill out the green absence sheet anyway).

Absences due to other reasons: If a student can not attend lessons for a maximum of 1 day for other reasons besides illness (eg. funerals, or other personal reasons), then the homeroom teacher must be informed in advance. The homeroom teacher can then grant permission for the leave. If students have to stay away for 2 or more days, then the Headmaster Mr. Jachs has grant permission. Please be aware that school attendance is compulsory under Austrian law. For this reason, do not plan holidays during school time. In any case, you have to fill out the green absence sheet.

What are the school rules ?

The parents of all new students have to sign the rules. You can view the
Code of Conduct here.