Languages and Economics

In order to meet the interests of the different students better, we offer two school branches: LISA Languages and Economics. Both branches are general educational. Students do not have to decide right at the beginning which curriculum to follow, but have time until the end of the first semester in year 2. The two curricula will start in year 3.

LISA Languages:

Students will graduate with a total of four languages, where German, English and French are mandatory and with a choice of Spanish, Italian or Latin. These students therefore have a little less of the natural sciences.

LISA Economics:

Students will graduate with a total of three languages, where German and English are mandatory, and with a choice of French, Spanish, Italian or Latin. There is a stronger focus on the natural sciences and Economics in the upper classes.

LISA Academy Program:

The LISA Academy Program allows students to focus on the six IB Diploma subjects, plus a third language and sports. The LISA Academy Program is for those students who are not eligible to complete the Austrian Matura.