MAKING OF LISA 25 Art Gallery Project | Linz International School Auhof (LISA)

MAKING OF LISA 25 Art Gallery Project

4Me – My Friends – My Class – My School

How do we individuals differ from each other? What do we have in common?

How can we visualize the differences and similarities between school friends and classmates?

How can we show that school is a unification of individual characters?

The artist and teacher Denys Savchenko supervised the 3L and 4M art students developing individual and collaborative visual answers to these questions.

Each student learnt how to draw his or her profile portrait, which was then filled with icons representing the student’s personal interests and values. These large scaled portraits were painted on two large panels of cloth (each of 1,5 x 7m) in a transparent and blending technique. Colourful strands with unifying intersections were added to connect the heads with each other to express harmony and unification of diversity within the class.

The two eye-catching banners express the sense of community, individuality and youthfulness were created especially for the LISA 25 event at the Brucknerhaus on Friday, 30th June 2017 and can be viewed in the LISA Art gallery there. We look forward to seeing you there!

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