Mother-Tongue Languages

All LISA students have to declare a first language. This can either be German, English, or one of the recognized Self-Taught IB languages. Students who have German or English as a first language will receive an appropriate course during school time. Students who have another first language will receive support from the school to maintain their mother tongue abilities on an academic level so that they can complete the IB Diploma Programme. All exams, with the exception of the languages, are in English.

Example 1: For example, a student who only speaks Mandarin Chinese as a first language and English will receive:
a. Tutoring support to maintain the Chinese ability
b. English as a foreign language lessons in school
c. A German as a foreign language beginner’s course in school

When neither German nor English is of high enough level (mother tongue and academic level) we sometimes are able to offer the new student an alternative mother tongue course in the following Self-Taught IB languages:

Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.

Self Taught Mother Tongue Language Fees
  • Examiner Fee 200 Euros per year payable to school directly by the end of November. This fee is payable by all students/languages, except Academy years 7 and 8 where the examiner fee is included in the annual tuition. 
  • Tutor Hourly Rate on average 25 Euros per hour (e.g. 25 Euros per hour X 60 hours per year = 1500 Euros per year) Important to note that this may be significantly higher for some languages (e.g. Japanese, Portuguese), and it is most commonly linked to the rates charged by the tutors in the mother tongue country. The tutor hourly rate is negotiated by parents/family and payable directly to tutors. The school is not responsible for providing the tutors but can assist when possible. The school recommends minimum 1-2 hour per week of mother tongue tuition for all students. This naturally will vary depending on student’s age and ability.
  • Important to note that some countries (e.g. Netherlands) offer official mother tongue courses for their students living aborad. The fees for such courses are payable directly to course providers. The grades by official course providers can then be transfered to the Austrian report cards, providing that this has been agreed with school at the start of the school year.  

Download the information sheet here.