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Quotes from Alumni, Parents and Sponsors

Alumni:“In an era where nativism is on the rise in Austria and across Europe, LISA
offers an education with an international outlook. It offers a chance to look beyond our immediate context and see the big picture – teaching children to be open to a variety of cultures and respectful of different worldviews. When I look back to my time at LISA, one thing becomes very clear to me: I will be sending my own children there too!”(Robin Staple, LISA Alumnus 2004) 

Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity, which I might not have seized if I hadn’t been in the LISA. Not only do you learn to speak perfect English but the school also prepares you for an international environment, which is especially important when studying abroad. Moreover, the IB is a great preparation for your studies. It teaches you to organise your time, process a lot of information and think critically. At information sessions we got to learn more about the application process and studying abroad in general, which made me consider Scotland. The LISA has therefore had a substantial impact on my decision to study at St. Andrews.”

(Melina Plakolm, LISA Absolventin 2014)


“I am currently working as a musical actress and movement and dance teacher in Vienna. I can still recall so many great moments that I experienced during my time at the LISA. I loved to be part of such a Sarah Baummulticultural community and be inspired by the great variety of languages and cultural identities. The LISA programme has helped me to develop my communication skills and I am now able to speak and work with choreographers and directors all over Europe.“

(Sarah Baum, LISA IB DP Alumnus 2011)


“After my graduation from LISA, I never left Austria to study or work abroad. I would strongly recommend LISA to any ambitious student anyway: Not only will it enable young people to study or work anywhere in the world. LISA also offers an excellent educational standard and this will help you master any situation that you encounter in your professional life in the best possible way.”

(Mag. Juliane Schlager- Haider, IB DP Alumnus 2004)


“I graduated from the LISA in 2013 and am now studying at the Medical University of Vienna. While by staying in Austria I have not been able to take advantage of the IB Diploma in its conventional sense, the IB Program and the LISA still have been of tremendous help. Not only because they allowed me to perfect my English skills but they also introduced me to a high quality working style, which assists me in my daily university life.”

(Anna Kraus begann nach einem freiwilligen sozialen Jahr ihr Medizinstudium in Wien, LISA Alumnus 2013)

“I would say that LISA has actually done a lot to get me to where I am right now – studying English and American Studies at the Karl-Franzens University in Graz. Although Elizabethan Literature might not be the most interesting to me, it was the English classes at LISA that made want to know more about the culture and literature of the English-speaking world and how the language actually works. Another great thing about being a LISA-alumni is, that I didn’t have any difficulties with the grammar-courses at university which saved me a lot of studying during the first 2 semesters :)”

(Lisa Wallner, LISA Alumnus 2011)


“In 2008, I graduated with the IB Diploma from L.I.S.A and started Medical School in England.  I finished Medicine in 5 years and worked 2 years as qualified doctor in different hospitals in Great Britain. I am currently holding a Clinical Research Fellow post in Orthopaedic Surgery in the Oxford University and its associated hospitals. I am conducting clinical research and teaching medical students musculoskeletal medicine while taking part in clinics and orthopaedic operations.

Having had the opportunity to study at L.I.S.A and juggling numerous subjects simultaneously as part of the Austrian and IB diplomas improved my time management skills and allowed me to be more productive. Using these skills enabled me to get published in over 10 surgical peer- reviewed journals, present in 15 national and international conferences and write chapters in several medical books while still at medical sch
ool. Recently, I have founded the ‘Dr. Mafi Limited’ company as part of my private work.

Reza Mafi

I am proud to be a L.I.S.A graduate and believe that the basis for these achievements go back to 2001 when I first started in 2L.  I am always happy to advise and guide students who would like to take on a similar path.”

(Dr. Reza Mafi, LISA Alumnus 2008)


‪ “Being a Student at LISA (98-06) equipped me with a set of tools which have been integral to my success in life so far. The education which students receive at LISA is, in my opinion, second to none. The unique combination of motivated teaching staff who aim to transfer as much knowledge as possible, along with the extra-curricular activities and possibilities for international travel at a young age, LISA has a profound impact on the lives of youngster. Being on stage in Drama classes from an early age onwards allowed me to develop communication and presentation skills which have served me well on a daily basis – be it as a successful time job I held. I am currently en-route to become Austrian Trade Commissioner, representing and serving the interests of the Austrian business community globally, and I still profit enormously from the skills I developed whilst studying at LISA.”

Andreas Pfleger‪(Andreas Pfleger- LISA Alumnus 2006) University Student in England, Austria and Sweden, or as a Public Relations Consultant in Vienna, the last full-


Parents (German):    

“Nachdem unsere Kinder seit Beginn ihrer Schulkarriere eine englischsprachige IB Schule besucht haben, war es für meinen Mann und mich klar, dass wir unseren Söhnen, nach Rückkehr aus dem Ausland, weiterhin eine englischsprachige Ausbildung, in einem internationalen Umfeld ermöglichen möchten, welche wir in der LISA gefunden haben.

Weiters sehen wir es als großen Vorteil, dass unsere Söhne, an der LISA, nicht nur das IB-Diploma, sondern auch die österreichische Reifeprüfung absolvieren können, welche im Ausland nicht möglich gewesen wäre, und ihnen somit, der Zugang zu internationalen und nationalen Universitäten offen steht. Ein wesentlicher Aspekt für unsere Entscheidung war auch, dass die LISA im Vergleich zu internationalen Schulen, bei adäquater Ausbildung, um vieles kostengünstiger ist und somit eine finanzielle Belastung wegfällt.”

(Elisa Kager, Mutter von 2 LISA Schülern, Familie kam 2015 aus Bangkok)


Wir haben uns nach der Rückkehr aus den USA für die LISA entschieden, weil sie in Oberösterreich die beste Schule für zweisprachige Kinder ist . Nirgendwo sonst wird auf sprachliche Entwicklung der Mutter- u. der Fremdsprache soviel Rücksicht genommen. Es wird ganz individuell gemeinsam mit Eltern und Lehrern eine Möglichkeit gefunden, sowohl die deutsche als auch die englische Sprache bestmöglich zu fördern !

(Julia Voller, Mutter von 2 LISA Schülern, Familie kam aus den USA zurück nach Österreich)


Sponsors (German):

“Die LISA verbindet zwei für die Industrie ganz wesentliche Aspekte in einem Konzept: Einerseits den natürlichen Umgang mit unterschiedlichen Nationalitäten in englischer Unterichtssprache und  andererseits den Fokus auf die naturwissenschaftlichen Fächer, die Grundlage für künftige Innovation in den Betrieben sind.”

(Dr. Wolfgang Litzlbauer, MIBA)


“Englisch ist einfach die Verständigungssprache der heutigen Welt. An der LISA lernen unsere Kinder diese Sprache ganz natürlich mit. Auch der Kontakt zu begeisterten Schülern anderer Nationen formt eine weltoffene Persönlichkeit. In Verbindung mit dem anspruchsvollen Niveau werden junge Menschen auf ein Berufsleben in der heutigen Welt gut vorbereitet.

Und wenn man sich als Eltern einbringen will, bietet die PTO (Parent-Teacher-Organization) reichlich Gelegenheit dazu.”

(Dr. Erik Salzbrenner, Patheon)