The Dream Archives – A book written by our students!

The Dream Archives is a collection of short stories written in English, German, Spanish and French, proofread by natives, and designed for students of the Lisa (or anyone who is an eager language learner) who want to be better in a foreign language. Per page there is one paragraph in every language, which makes looking up unknown words or phrases a piece of cake! This book, which is also the CAS project of Caroline Laschkolnig and Dragos Acul, gives all students the opportunity to learn a foreign language through fascinating short stories with stunning illustrations, while also doing a good deed! All the profits gained from the sale of The Dream Archive will be donated to the Krebshilfe charity organization.

This official Lisa merchandise is now exclusively available for only 11,50€! Order your copy by contacting either i.acul [at] or c.laschkolnig [at]!

Here is a sneak peak of the adventures that await you!
The protagonist waits impatiently for the train, wondering why five girls stay in the pouring rain and stare at her. Little does she know, they will meet again. Juno is a troubled teenager who wants to become a writer, but after everything that happened, it’s impossible… or is it? Katherine is disorientated after being rejected by the University of her dreams until she finds an unlikely friend that reminds her of who she really is. George sleeps soundly but in his head, the Dream Catchers struggle to find the nightmare that slipped through the security undetected. A pigeon stumbles upon a chained dragon and vows to find the people that had chained the beast, and thus it starts looking for answers, gathering stories from all around the world.

Thank you so much for your support!
Caroline Laschkolnig and Dragos Acul