Walkathon 2017 | Linz International School Auhof (LISA)

Walkathon 2017

Walkathon 2017 7This years Walkathon was amazing- pupils ran more than 9 000 laps! We got 500€ from the RC Linz Landhaus (Dr. Scheurecker Anna and Dr. Sitter Helmut)- Thanks to all students, parents and teachers for the support, especially to Mrs. Neuhäusser and Mrs. Brunner for the organisation of the buffet with the Schule für Alle, to our LISA bands for the great music, to our CAS students for 4 hours of intense work! Together we are strong! We can support the LISA library, the decoration of the student chill area on the 3rd floor and projects of the Schule für Alle. The 3m won with more than 3 000 laps! Congratulations! They will get cake for the whole class soon!

More photos here.