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Admission Information

Französisch wird in der LISA ab der 3. Klasse im Languages Zweig selbstverständlich angeboten.

Dear students! Dear Parents!

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Some Downloads:

Here is some Information on how register for the school. If you go to Primary school and want to continue in LISA, then you have to follow a few steps:

Option 1: Primary School Students who want to continue in LISA

Step 1: Fill out the Registration form. You can download it here. If you have Problems downloading it, then you can also get a paper Version from our School secretary.

Step 2: Bring the form to the school’s secretary, together with the Report Cards of years 3 and 4 of Primary School.

Step 3: The registered students will be invited to a language creativity test (in German or English depending on the mother tongue).

Step 4: The students and parents are invited to an interview. Students and parents are interviewed independently from each other. Students are interviewed in groups, parents individually. In this interview we attempt to assess the language background of the student, their interest in attending LISA and what, if any extracurricular activities they have taken part in.

Option 2: Older students who want to Transfer to LISA

Pupils that wish to apply to change schools to the LISA (at any time between grades 2 and 8 or during the school year.)

Download Application Form here: Application form (Grades 2-8)