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Graduation Diplomas

LISA is a university-preparatory general education school and we therefore offer the Austrian AHS Reifeprüfung (“Matura”) to those students who speak German as a mother tongue, and who have taken a German mother tongue language course.

The AHS Reifeprüfung includes oral and written exams and a written report (Vorwissenschaftliche Arbeit, VWA).

Most LISA students complete both the Austrian Reifeprüfung as well as the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB DP). Both IB DP as well as the Reifeprüfung enable students to continue their studies at universities and universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulen, FHs).

Teaching Principles

English is used as a language of instruction in all subjects: In the first school year (grade 5) teachers use bilingual teaching in German and English.  We do not require any previous knowledge in English is case German is the mother tongue of the student. English teaching materials are adapted by the teachers to suit the level of the students. In the senior classes, pupils work with authentic resources.

Use of English teaching materials: To provide for an authentic language experience, we provide teaching materials originally written in English, which we import from the US and GB.

Use of language assistants: They encourage students to try out new words and structures. These situations promote natural conversation with native speakers and the students have the opportunity to practice English in practically all of the subjects.

Austrian and international curriculum: LISA implements two curricula, the Austrian national AHS curriculum in and the IB Diploma Programme. Students with a sufficient German ability can graduate with both the Matura and the IB Diploma. All LISA students are prepare to complete the IB Diploma. Graduates can continue their education at a university.

After-school activities: These are extra-curricular activities, such as sports, which are offered to all students.

Social skills program: This program of the lower classes supports students in strengthening the class community.

Our Facilities

The library holds over 15000 books on various subjects in English, German and French. This library also provides a study place and computers for research.

Our drama room allows for our students to exhibit their musical and dramatic performance skills throughout the year. The success of this performance can be attributed to the value LISA ascribes to various extracurricular activities in music, ensemble, art, choir and drama. LISA pupils have the opportunity to perform on our amphitheater stage. This ‘Theatron’ is situated in the garden of the school.

Our science labs (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) enables the students to practically apply the theoretical materials learned in class.

With PCs, the computer lab offers the possibility for intensive training in computer skills. There are 3 computer rooms available. The equipment is shared with the other two school branches of the Europagymnasium.

Each class has a laptop and projector and teachers have easy access to multimedia teaching materials for use in lessons.

Map of school building: raumplan

Two School Branches

In order to meet the interests of the different students better, we offer two school branches: LISA Languages and Economics. Both branches are general educational. Students do not have to decide right at the beginning which curriculum to follow but have time until the end of the first semester in year 2. The two curricula will start in year 3.

LISA Languages: Students will graduate with a total of four languages, where German, English and French are mandatory and with a choice of Spanish, Italian or Latin. These students therefore have a little less of the natural sciences.

LISA Economics: Students will graduate with a total of three languages, where German and English are mandatory, and with a choice of French, Spanish, Italian or Latin. There is a stronger focus on the natural sciences and Economics in the upper classes.

LISA Academy Program:

The LISA Academy Program allows students to focus on the six IB Diploma subjects, plus a third language and sports. The LISA Academy Program is for those students who are not eligible to complete the Austrian Matura.

Learning German at LISA

As a school with English as a language of instruction, learning German is especially important. Students will receive a level of German appropriate to their ability. While every student is required to attend a German course appropriate to their level, we do not require previous language knowledge in German. We offer German beginner courses also for older students.

Students who want to complete the Austrian Matura, must attend the German courses (at mother-tongue level).

We offer up to nine different German as a foreign language courses in six different academic levels. Students with German as a foreign language can complete the IB Diploma Programme.

The mother-tongue Programme

All LISA students have to declare a first language. This can either be German, English or one of the recognized Self-Taugt IB languages. Students who have German or English as a first language will receive an appropriate course during school time. Students who have another first language will receive support by the school to maintain their mother tongue abilities on an academic level so that they can complete the IB Diploma Programme. All exams, with the exception of the languages are in English.

Selft-Taugth IB languages at LISA:

Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.

Example 1: For example a student who only speaks Mandarin Chinese as a first language and English will receive:
a. Tutoring support to maintain the Chinese ability
b. English as a foreign language lessons in school
c. A German as a foreign language beginner’s course in school

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