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First few days of school:

  • Monday, Sept. 10th, at 7:50 in the classrooms; early release after homeroom teacher lesson (about 9:35)
  • Tuesday, Sept. 11th, 2 lessons with homeroom teacher; early release at 9:35.
  • Wednesday, Sept. 12th, 1st lesson homeroom teacher lesson and periods 2 to 4 according to timetable; early release at 11:35.
  • Thursday, Sept. 13th, 8 a.m. church service, homeroom teacher lesson and after period 2 lessons according to timetable.
  • Friday,Sept 14th – Normal timetabled lessons.

  • Play
    L.I.S.A. pupils enjoy staying active in body and mind.
  • Investigate
    Our pupils are curious learners who like to question what they see around them.
  • Explore
    L.I.S.A. pupils travel and explore new environments.