LISA Support Association


The LISA-Support Association offers all parents a platform to exchange views and promote cultural, sporting and social projects and offers. The LISA-Support Association also creates the financial framework for the excellent international education of LISA-students. By paying your annual membership fee you are automatically a member of the LISA-Support Association.

All LISA-parents are invited to participate with creativity and expertise in our activities. We are particularly close to our dynamic and lively school community.

You are always welcome to contact us with your questions, concerns or sorrows. We are particularly pleased if you participate in our meetings for which you will receive invitations.

The main officers of the LISA association are:

Key members:
• Chairwoman: Karin Scheiblhofer 
– 1st deputy chairwoman: Marina Schwarz
– 2nd deputy chairwoman: Angelika Handl-Heinzl
– Treasurer: Daniela Mittelman
– Deputy treasurer: Sigrid Ruhs
– Secretary: Azita Akbari
– Data Protection Officer: Marc Llob

Contact (remove [ ] before sending the email):
lisa.unterstuetzungsverein [@]
Administration: lisa [@]
For detailed information about financial support contact the LISA administration (lisa [@]
ZVR Number: 444742236

The LISA Support Association is a publicly registered society and governed by the Austrian law for societies (“Vereinsrecht”) and its statutes.