Learning Languages

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Academic Language / Language A

At LISA, students who have German as their academic language, are prepared for the Matura (österreichische Reifeprüfung) and the IB Diploma. Students who have English or a different academic language other than German (e.g. Chinese) will be prepared exclusevely for the IB Diploma. Therefore, all LISA students are required to have an academic language upon joining the school. The academic language is the language, which is the strongest language spoken and written by the student. Often, this is the language of instruction of the primary school.

The Matura and IB Diploma Program make a clear distinction between the academic language (Language A) and the foreign language (Language B). The academic language must therefore be either German or English. Students who neither have German nor English as their academic language, under certain circumstances, might be considered, for the mother tongue program.


Foreign language / Language B

The Matura as well as the IB Diploma Program require students to choose one academic language and one or two foreign languages. At LISA two academic languages are not possible, since the curricula of the academic language and the foreign language programs differ significantly. Please note, that in order to sit the Austrian Matura exams, the first academic language must be German.

Language and University Application

The choice of the academic language does not preclude the subjects or univerity that a student can apply to. Generally, universities might require proof of Enlish ability regardless if the student has chosen English as their academic language or not. We recommend to contact the university what additional tests, such as TOEFL, ESOL etc., if any at all, are required.

For example, we have had students, who were accepted at English-speaking universities in the UK, who had to complete an additional English exam even though they had English as their academic language (English Language A). Some universities have standard admission requirements for all students coming from abroad, regardless of what their academic language is. 

Parents and students must understand that a certain combination of subjects and the academic language chosen is no guarantee to be accepted at a university of their choice. The choice of English as their first academic language (English A Langauge) is no guarantee that the unverstiy will admit the applicant.