Mission and Values

Our Vision – Open the Gate to the World! Linz International School Auhof (LISA) is the first public school in Upper Austria which teaches a general education curriculum in English. Excellent education in English prepares your child for a globalised world. We value an international orientation, cosmopolitanism, tolerance, and respect.

Cosmopolitanism: Our school branch has a strong school community. Both Austrian and international students pursue the goal of personal growth through education. Around a quarter of our students come from all over the world. Respectful interaction with other opinions and cultures is taught and also lived. Thanks to our international orientation, diversity and internationality, we convey a cosmopolitan outlook. The knowledge that one’s language, culture or worldview is often just one of many promotes a cosmopolitan way of thinking. Our students with a different mother tongue learn German as a foreign language in lessons that correspond to their language level.

Bilingualism: We are an international English immersion school. An excellent education in English prepares your child for a globalised world. Elementary school students with German as their mother tongue do not need any previous knowledge of English, as Grades 5 and 6 (Years 1 and 2) are taught in English and German. Those who do not speak any German will receive a German course which is appropriate to their level.

Personality Development: Education is more than just passing on knowledge. Our goal is to foster inquisitive, educated and empathic young people who work for a better world through international understanding and respect. Students should develop into strong and mature personalities. Personality development cannot simply be “taught”. We have a supportive school culture and guide our students through this important development phase of their lives. Stage play (Drama) is offered from Grade 5 (Year 1) onwards. Even our youngest learn to present themselves on stage and thus strengthen their self-confidence. In addition, they expand their vocabulary and their expression.

Quality Education: We respect students’ views and interests. Students at LISA can learn up to four languages and opt for e.g., drama or choir starting Grade 9. For the last two years, as part of the IB Diploma Programme, students can choose elective subjects according to their interests. The CAS (Creativity Activity Service) programme enables students to gain new experiences and broaden their horizons.

Strong School Community: At the LISA, we pride ourselves in creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere for our students. Our community is made up of pupils from all corners of the world, who speak over 30 different languages. We believe that mutual respect and tolerance, paired with a strong academic environment, are key to fostering a positive and supportive school community.

Matura and the IB Diploma: Pupils with German as their mother tongue can complete the Austrian school leaving examination (Matura) and the IB Diploma. Our international students complete the LISA with the IB Diploma and can continue their studies in Austria or abroad.