School Events

Throughout the school year, we have many extracurricular events!

Among others we have:

  • Drama performances: Our students from year 1 onwards can present their English skills on stage!
  • Spring Gala: Music, theater performances and scientific experiments!
  • Arts Exhibition: The graduates of the IB Visual Arts course present their works here.
  • Walkathon: For every lap that was run, there is a donation for a charitable organization.
  • LISA Summer event: The big party at the end of school year. Music, sports and good food.
  • Various workshops: We invite external experts to hold workshops with our students. The “African Dance Workshop” is an example. Or how to properly prepare Japanese tea!
  • IB Ceremony: We are celebrating our graduates with a beautiful graduation ceremony!
  • …and many more…!

And of course we also have a LISA Tea, which takes place regularly. This get-together is organized by the parents and is for parents, and it offers a good opportunity to talk and chat over a cup of tea or coffee!
More information is here!