Spring Gala 2020

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In Memory of Beverly Flower-Hofer

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Beverly Flower-Hofer, the founder of the LISA Drama Department, passed away last Friday, December 6, 2019. She worked tirelessly to educate students about the theater. Her productions were spectacular, with elegant costumes, professional quality make-up, and majestic set pieces. She provided a professional level of training to her students, passing along years of experience as an opera singer on stages around the world. She inspired a new generation of theater professionals, and many of her former students can be seen in productions around Austria and Europe.Of all the monumental productions she directed over her tenure at Europagymnasium Auhof, including William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, and Peter Shaffer’s Amadeus, she said the plays which the students wrote themselves made her most proud. She was the consummate theater teacher, and we will miss her passion and energy dearly.

Mary-Katherine Stickel (Drama Teacher)

In Memoriam Beverly Flower-Hofer

The death of Beverly Flower Hofer has raised deep mourning in our LISA family. She was the ‘mother’ of our drama department. Generations of LISA students remember her as an important developer of their personalities, as somebody who gave them self confidence and self esteem. She was an authority, but not authoritarian. She was creative, powerful and understanding. She developed drama to an important school subject, in which students could finally even graduate. As a pioneer of teaching drama she was invited to conferences and workshops all over Austria. There she and her students demonstrated a new access to teaching drama and to the personal development of language students. It is no wonder that many graduates have stayed attached to theatre until today.

I personally remember outstanding performances like ‘Our Town’, ‘The Crucible’, ‘Dracula’ and ‘Waiting for Godot’, just to name some of them. She staged the musical ‘Kit’ which had been written by John Spencer, a LISA art teacher. There students were actors, singers, and musicians. All that required a tremendous preparation, which Beverly supervised. And of course, the performances were a great success.

Actually, Beverly Flower-Hofer was the leading part of nearly every LISA event, particularly of ‘Faces’, the festival of international understanding. There, the highlight was always the stage show, which she directed.

LISA teachers, parents and students will keep Beverly in their minds and their hearts.

She will always be part of LISA.

Karl Mühlstein, Former LISA Coordinator

1L’s Dragon Boat Race

Our trip to Asten/Fisching for the dragon boat race on 19th of June was one of the best trips we have ever had! We are hoping to go there next year too.

At 7.20, all of us were at the information point at the train station in Linz. Those of us who did not have a ticket for the train had to buy one beforehand. The train arrived at 7.51. After the train ride, we took the shuttlebus to the lake Ausee, where the dragon boat race was. And then the fun could begin! Our team (called “The Dolphins”) were in the third race. Before the race we were all given lifejackets for our safety. Then we all stepped into the boat and raced against the other teams! We were fourth. In the second round we somehow became last. Luckily, we still got into the final. We got around a 45-minute break (where we could try out all the activities there) before having to race for the third time. This time, we were against eight teams and became seventh. But we were not that disappointed because most of the other schools were sport schools! At the prize-giving we got a certificate for becoming seventh out of ten teams (out of the first and second grade). Finally-after the long day- we headed back to the train station. There we were picked up by our parents and brought home. This had been a very, very enjoyable day which wouldn’t have happened if our homeroom teacher (Mrs Gauch) hadn’t been so nice!!

We would also like to say thank you to Mr. Grasser and Mrs. & Mr. Ruhs who came along to support us. A big thank you to the LISA Support Association that helped out with the entry fee.

Anna Högler, 1L

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Rucksack Project

LISA pupils recently took part in a project to provide rucksacks filled with essentials to school children in Africa. We would like to thank all families who took part in the project.


2M’s trip to the Römermuseum Enns

EnnsOn Wednesday, 13th June 2019, Miss Gauch and Miss Haslinger took our class 2M to Enns to see the Roman museum. Our ‘Roman time travel’ started at Linz central station, from where we took the train to Enns. From the station in Enns we took a walk for approximately 20 minutes to the Roman exhibition at the museum Lauriacum.
During Roman times Enns was called Lauriacum. It was a legion base and an important city at the Danube limes.
Inside the museum we were picked up by the museum guide at 9.30 a.m.
The guide led us through the museum, explained the exhibits of the Roman empire and told us how they were used.
For instance, we learned that the Roman legionnaires had to cook their own food. They obviously ate a lot of wheat bread and carbohydrates, proof of that were their bad teeth which we could look at on a skull exhibited. They also made themselves wine, which they sweetened with honey.
The Romans slept in bunk beds.
The soldiers had to keep themselves clean to avoid infections and epidemics in the fort.
Romans already had medicines as well as hospitals, where also war casualties were treated.
We were shown how legions made their battle line-up and were told about the importance of the Roman Aquila, which was a golden eagle.
There were skeletons from a whole family including a kid.
Finally, we watched a movie about a Roman family and scenes out of their everyday life.
The really interesting visit at the Lauriacum museum ended at 11. a.m. with a nice photograph of our wonderful class 2M.

Laura Paula Hattinger, 2M

1L went to the Wurbauer Kogel (with photos)

DSCN3133The trip to the Wurbauer Kogel was very enjoyable. Our class (1L) and the 4m could have this trip because we had won at the Walkathon. Our teachers, Miss Gauch and Miss Koller (1L) and Miss Alt and Mr Wakolbinger (4M) accompanied us.

On June 5th, we all met in front of the school at 8.15. Most of us were there earlier. The bus came at around 8.30 and it took about one- and -a- half- hours to get there. Next, we walked for a few minutes to get to a chairlift. This chairlift was extremely old and could only seat one person! The hill the chairlift brought us up to was very steep and some of us got scared. Luckily, it was over relatively quickly (8 minutes)! After everyone had safely arrived, we went to a place where we could practice shooting arrows with a bow. When everyone was good at shooting, you could go into the forest and shoot fake 3D animals. There were a lot of them! This took the whole morning. We were all very exhausted and therefore decided to buy an ice cream. We also had a water fight (but only 1l). Afterwards, we went on a Panorama tower. That was cool! Furthermore, we watched a short film about nature. Finally, we went down the summer toboggan run ( Sommerrodelbahn). This was probably the best part of our trip! It was great!! Sadly, we then had to go back to the school on the bus. All in all, this trip had been one of the best we have ever had!

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The Sound of Textiles – Composition N°2

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Last year the textile designers of the 2L and 2M created a thickly layered and vividly designed textile cover for the back of the piano in the music room 3. Besides the pleasing appearance, the cover should damp the loud sound of the piano.

The textile designers of this year’s 2N undertook the design brief for the free standing piano in the music room 2. For the technical realization they applied various textile technologies as dyeing, appliqué, mola and quilting.

Change of LISA Coordinator, Thank you Dr. Astrid Wansch and Welcome Mrs. Nicole Herzog!

WFOn behalf of the teachers, parents and pupils we would like to thank Dr. Astrid Wansch for her 7 years of service as coordinator of the LISA school, her dedication and enthusiasm have been a great asset to the school and the local community. Thank you Astrid!

We wish you luck, health and happiness during your maternity and look forward to seeing you when you return in spring 2020.



HGWe would also like to welcome our new LISA coordinator: MEd Nicole Herzog who we are excited to work with. You can read the new welcome letter from Mrs. Herzog here.