[Radio LISA-008] Studying Artificial Intelligence at JKU


On Thu November 21, 2019, three former LISA students visited us! All three of them graduated with the IB DIploma and they are studying Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the University Linz (JKU) in English. Here they talk about their experience.

Two interesting things that they mentioned:

  • minute 1:09: They miss school
  • minute 17:38: They have some advice for those students who are still preparing for the IB DP and/or Matura.

[Radio LISA-007] Walkathon 2019

The Walkathon is an annual charity event. The money raised will be donated to the “Krebshilfe Österreich” and to “Schule für Alle”. There were many people involved in the organization of this event. The school community would like to thank the LISA Unterstützungsverein and also Mr. and Mrs. Neuhäusser for organizational help. Additional sponsors are Oberbank, Linz AG and several more.