Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS)

Creativity, Activity and Service, better known as CAS is a pillar of the LISA experience. Completing the programme is a requirement of the International Baccalaureate, but here at the LISA, we want to move beyond checking the IB requirements boxes and create a programme that allows students to enrich their lives while better preparing them for life after they graduate.

What is CAS? CAS is a self-directed programme that requires students to conceive, plan, complete and reflect on a number of activities over the course of their last two years at the LISA. Students are required to evenly divide their experiences between artistic interests (Creativity), sports pursuits (Activity) and bettering their school, local or world community (Service). Our philosophy at the LISA is to give students as much latitude as possible in choosing how they fulfill these requirements, so they feel comfortable in going beyond themselves and explore a wide variety of experiences.

What is the CAS project? Additionally, students have to plan, manage and reflect on a month-long collaborative project in one or more of the CAS strands. This gives students the opportunity to be creative in focusing their energy on a lengthy project that suits their particular interests.

Organizing the IB Choices Fair as a CAS project!

What do our students gain from the CAS programme? First, CAS is designed to nudge students out of their comfort zones and inspire them to do things they might not have done on their own. In many cases, students discover a passion for an activity that continues to enrich their lives long after graduating the LISA.

Secondly, the CAS programme helps students develop skills needed to manage long-term projects. Whether the student is destined to visit the university or trade school, or go straight into the job market, completing this programme gives them organizational skills that will serve them well in life.

From a practical standpoint, CAS gives students an advantage when applying for admission to university, trade school, or for a job. A well-conceived and managed CAS programme provides students with a set of experiences that set them apart from other applicants by virtue of the fact that they can clearly demonstrate a number of skills and abilities that admissions officials and personal directors are looking for.

How does CAS develop better citizens? Essential to the LISA philosophy is that the CAS experience in sum encourage students develop depth to their personalities and serve as a conduit that allows them to unlock their own full potential. In combination with the international flair of the LISA, the CAS programme plays a vital role in developing LISA students into citizens who are well equipped to participate in the world community and embrace its great cultural diversity.

Please contact our CAS-Coordinator Mr. Greenway for further information about the CAS-Programme: