The library holds over 15000 books on various subjects in English, German and French. This library also provides a study place and computers for research.

Our drama room allows for our students to exhibit their musical and dramatic performance skills throughout the year. The success of this performance can be attributed to the value LISA ascribes to various extracurricular activities in music, ensemble, art, choir and drama. LISA pupils have the opportunity to perform on our amphitheater stage. This ‘Theatron’ is situated in the garden of the school.

Our science labs (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) enables the students to practically apply the theoretical materials learned in class.

With PCs, the computer lab offers the possibility for intensive training in computer skills. There are 3 computer rooms available. The equipment is shared with the other two school branches of the Europagymnasium.

Each class has a laptop and projector and teachers have easy access to multimedia teaching materials for use in lessons.

Map of school building: raumplan