Financial Support

LISA offers a wide variety of different school trips. Families can ask for financial support for the following school trips:

  • Year 4: England week
  • Year 6: South Africa, USA, Spain exchange program
  • Year 7: France/Ireland

The total amount of support is approximately € 150.-

Step 1: First you have to apply for financial support at the Bildungsdirektion Oberösterreich (formerly Landschulrat Oberösterreich). After a positive decision you can then apply for further support of the LISA Support Association. und

Step2: The application has to be handed in before the start of the school trip! Please send the application to:


  • LISA application form
  • Copy of the application form for Land Oberösterreich
  • Copy of the positive decision of the Land OÖ
  • Monthly Salary Slip

There will be no support for voluntarily school trips like the trip to Japan and Thailand where only a small number of students take place.