Homeroom Teachers | Klassenvorstände (KVs

If parents seek information about their child, they may talk to the respective teacher during his/her office hour which is regularly held once a week. Office hour schedules are issued at the beginning of the academic year. Please schedule an appointment by phone, email or by sending a note through your child. Parents of new LISA students are advised to contact the homeroom teacher (Klassenvorstand) after the first few weeks of school attendance. There is one homeroom teacher for each class who is in charge of coordinating administrative and teaching matters.

Class Name of Teacher Email
1L Maria Christensen CH @europagym.at
1M Andrew Funk FU @europagym.at
2L Sophie Rose ROS @europagym.at
2M Kerstin Atzmüller-Rieser AT @europagym.at
3L Katharina Gauch GC @europagym.at
3M Ruth Browne BR @europagym.at
4L Christina Milton MT @europagym.at
4M Veronika Wimmer WI @europagym.at
4N Selina Gut GL @europagym.at
5L Susanne Weiß WS @europagym.at
5M Peter Hagmüller HP @europagym.at
6L Margit Gusenbauer GM @europagym.at
6M Florian Wakolbinger WK @europagym.at
6N Christina Mathe MA @europagym.at
7L Elisabeth Jenner-Braunschmied JE @europagym.at
7M Magdalena Himmelbauer HM @europagym.at
7N Ulrike DiCillo DI @europagym.at
8L Christie Funk FN @europagym.at
8M Andrea Zemljak ZM @europagym.at