Our Mission | Linz International School Auhof (LISA)

Our Mission


Our Vision

Open the gate to the world!

Our Mission

Educating for life, establishing a global, open-minded, international and academic outlook.

Our Principles 

‘C’ the LISA

Create- we are constantly developing our programme and offer a variety of cross curricular projects

Co-operate- we work with partner schools finding ways to improve both academically and socially

Communicate- we provide newsletters and magazines and keep parents, pupils, staff and friends of the LISA informed via modern media to ensure everyone stays up to date

Colour- we have pupils and parents from 50 nations speaking 23 different languages, which makes daily life and special events like FACES colourful and unique

Care- we use IB Creativity, Action & Service hours (CAS), the walkathon and other events to make our pupils aware of their surroundings and help them to develop a good social conscience

Challenge- we support our pupils and help them develop their individual skills in order to meet their full potential

Collaborate- we support each other by providing crash courses, the LISA library, CAS helpers, Guardian Angels, the Parent Teacher Organisation (PTO), the monthly LISA Tea and much more

C is for community, C is for LISA.!