School Exchanges, Trips and Project Days

In order promote inter-cultural understanding, international exchanges and project weeks are a part of the LISA curriculum. The following activities take place during the 8 school years:

  • Year 1: Getting-to-know you days in Upper Austria
  • Year 2: Winter sports days
  • Year 3: Project week / Teambuilding days
  • Year 4: Project week
  • Year 5: International exchange (voluntarily for a small group of students)
  • Year 6: International exchange programme for the whole class (e.g. South Africa, Spain, etc.)
  • Year 7: Trip to France (Language branch) Economics project week (Economics branch)
  • Year 8: Science excursion

During the past years, student exchanges to Singapore and Thailand were also conducted over the summer holidays. The yearly published LISA magazine contains student articles on these activities.

Take a look at our gallery here for photos these trips over the years.

Our school is growing and we are in need for more exchange partners. If your school is interested in hosting students for an exchange, please contact us:

Some impressions