Student Support

· School Tours: We know how big and confusing our school can seem at first. That’s why we’ll take new students on a tour around the entire school and the playground. This way, they can start feeling comfortable and familiar with the place right away.

· Important Locations: There are some places every student needs to know about from day one, like their own classroom, the teacher’s office, the secretary’s office, and the offices of our school leaders. We’ll make sure they know where these are.

· School Basics: Every school has its own way of doing things. We’ll share the essential info about our school’s rules, how to use the school email, and understand the school schedule. This should help new students get up to speed quickly.

· Questions and Answers: Starting at a new school can lead to a lot of questions. We’re here to answer them. Whether it’s about school life, where things are, or how to get involved in activities, we want to make sure no question goes unanswered.

· Ongoing Support: We also know that questions might come up after the tour. So, we’ll show them where our classroom is in case they want to find us later, or we’ll give them our school email addresses. We’re committed to being there for them even after the initial welcome.