At the heart of our school and the success of our students are the people that make it up. It is the energy, enthusiasm, and ingenuity of our staff that creates the experiences, opportunities, and special atmosphere our pupils enjoy.

English is used as a language of instruction in all subjects: In the first school year (class 1) teachers teach in German and English. English teaching materials are adapted by the teachers to suit the difficulty level of the students. In the senior classes, pupils work with authentic resources.

Use of English teaching materials: To provide for an authentic language experience, we provide teaching materials originally written in English, which we import from the US and GB.

Use of language assistants: They encourage students to try out new words and structures. These situations promote natural conversation with native speakers and the students have the opportunity to practice English in practically all of the subjects.

Austrian and international curriculum: LISA implements two curricula, the Austrian national AHS curriculum in and the IB Diploma programme. Students with a sufficient German ability can graduate with both the Matura and the IB Diploma. All LISA students are prepare to complete the IB Diploma. Graduates can continue their education at a university.

After-school activities: These are extra-curricular activities, such as sports, which are offered to all students.

Social skills program: This program of the lower classes supports students in strengthening the class community.